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15 Aug 2017

Biases in metallicity measurements from global galaxy spectra: the effects of flux-weighting and diffuse ionized gas contamination

Galaxy metallicity scaling relations provide a powerful tool for understanding galaxy evolution, but obtaining unbiased global galaxy gas-phase oxygen abundances requires proper treatment of the various line-emitting sources within spectroscopic apertures. We present a model framework that treats galaxies as ensembles of HII and diffuse ionized gas (DIG) regions of varying metallicities. These models are based upon empirical relations between line ratios and electron temperature for HII regions...

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7 Aug 2017

What Are "X-Shaped" Radio Sources Telling Us? I. Very Large Array Imaging of a Large Sample of Low Axial Ratio Radio Sources

We present historical VLA and Jansky Very Large Array multi-frequency multi-array radio continuum imaging of a unique sample of 100 radio sources that have been selected on the basis of low axial ratios. These observations allow us the opportunity to study radio sources with synchrotron plasma that is significantly offset from the main radio axis and therefore open a window into investigations of physical mechanisms responsible for depositing the plasma in off-axis regions. These images are dis...

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