astro-ph coffee suggested papers for Wed, Dec 03 at 01:30 PM and Fri, Dec 05, 2014 at 11:00 AM

astro-ph coffee will be held at the date and time above. Some suggested papers of interest are listed below.

1 Dec 2014

A key discovery of the Kepler mission is of the circumbinary planets known as "Tatooines", which appear to be well aligned with their host stars' orbits. Whether this alignment is due to initially coplanar circumbinary planet-forming discs (i.e. nature), or subsequent alignment of initially misaligned discs by warping the inner disc or torquing the binary (i.e. nurture), is not known. Tests of which scenario dominates may be possible by observing circumbinary Kuiper belt analogues ("debris disc...

1 Dec 2014

One of the most challenging aspects of studying galaxies in the z>~7 universe is the infrequent confirmation of their redshifts through spectroscopy, a phenomenon thought to occur from the increasing opacity of the intergalactic medium to Lya photons at z>6.5. The resulting redshift uncertainties inhibit the efficient search for [C II] in z~7 galaxies with sub-mm instruments such as ALMA, given their limited scan speed for faint lines. One means by which to improve the precision of the in... v0.99.1fbd based on the original Updated 2014/12/03 10:30:54

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